glo – Garden Lighting Options


Garden Lighting Options or glo, offers our customers exactly that. Options.

ogl launches glo as an alternative to the bespoke architectural and garden lighting design and installation service. glo offers a simple modular package that includes individual lighting layout advice, combined with quality light fittings manufactured by Hunza®, professionally installed and guaranteed.

glo offers a simple range of budget packages. You, the client, can decide how much garden lighting you require. The glo team will then deliver and install your lights within days of ordering. Prompt, professional… and effective.

From steps to statues, fauna to feature trees, there are many interesting and attractive aspects of every garden that can be enhanced or made safer by practical, yet discreet lighting…

Summer or winter, professional garden lighting enables you to enjoy the beauty of your garden for longer every day and with modern LED light fittings, it is now inexpensive to run…

the glo system

Conceived to deliver a high quality, robust garden lighting installation, the glo system is of a modular design and structure that allows you to choose how many garden lights you would like, all for a fixed price.

The glo system provides 6, 9 or 12 lights respectively and you can determine the cost of the installation by simply deciding which ‘glo box’ you require.

If you are unsure how many lights you need to light your garden, simply send our lighting designers a selection of photographs of the areas you would like to light, some measurements of the entire garden space and at no extra cost, we will be pleased to recommend a suitable glo system for you.

We have just completed an extensive hard and soft landscaping project at our property in Surrey.  Ornamental Garden Lighting designed and installed a brand new lighting system, which cleverly enhanced the design of the garden, as well as being a very comprehensive and efficient system for us to use.  

We have been incredibly impressed with their work and found them to be professional, helpful, responsive and considerate. They drove the project to ensure everything was installed when it needed to be, taking into close consideration the other work going on site. They were also able to solve a problem with some interior lights, coming up with a creative and cost effective solution we are very happy with.  

Mr & Mrs Garratt

glo lights

To keep costs to a reasonable level but standards to a high quality, the glo system offers a limited range of lights, all manufactured by Hunza®, one of the best-known lighting manufacturers, powder-coated in our own distinctive but discreet ‘lava glo’ colour.  This carefully selected basic range will cover most standard lighting effects.

We have specified Hunza® fittings for the glo system due to the excellent quality of their design and manufacture. These lights deliver robust performance with the capability to withstand adverse weather conditions, while still being easy to maintain.

glo spike spot –This fitting is designed for easy insertion into the earth and can be used to highlight plants, small shrubs or focal points. The fully adjustable head allows 360° rotation and 0–90° elevation. This light is rated at IP66, which means it is capable of withstanding heavy rain or hose spray.

glo fixed path light – More suited as a discreet path marker lighting, giving a broad spread of circular light.

glo recessed uplighter – This directional uplighter is designed to highlight small feature trees. With a lifetime guarantee on lens breakage, this fitting has a directional lamp (up to 20° from the vertical) and is rated at IP67.

NB: Limited to 2 x uplighter fittings per glo box.

glo Underwater Mini Spotlight – Manufactured from marine grade stainless steel, this fitting comes complete with a swivel bracket and is rated at IP68 (submersible).

NB: Limited to 2 x underwater fittings per glo box.

glo wireless switching – For ‘glo 6’ you receive a one-channel wireless switch (complete with remote fob) which allows you to switch on your garden lighting from inside your home (rather than going outside to switch it on at the exterior socket).

For ‘glo 9’ and ‘glo 12’, a two-channel wireless switch is supplied (complete with remote fob) that allows you to switch on the spike lights in the flower-beds separately to the uplighters for the trees (for instance).

glo spider boxes – Pre-assembled and tested in our workshops, these weatherproof boxes contain the LED drivers, the wireless remote switching receiver and the low voltage cable outlets for you to connect to your selected lights.  Available for 6, 9 or 12 garden lights.

The Options

glo 6

glo 6 lighting options

glo 6 – This option offers customers any 6 lights from the glo system lights, professionally installed by our own electricians and set for their best effect, which will allow you to create the sort of attractive, night-time effect illustrated above.

In this small cottage garden, the customers chose 4 x glo spike lights and 2 x glo underwater mini spotlights to create a beautiful and serene corner to the garden. Set around a small pond, this is where the husband and wife liked to sit in the early evening, enjoy a glass of wine and catch up on each other’s busy, professional lives.

glo 6 – Any 6 x lights from the glo system lights (subject to stated conditions), including the appropriate LED driver and a one-channel wireless switching system. Installed the same day as delivery.

Complete Package Price:  £2,500.00
(including professional installation, delivery within the M25 & VAT)

glo 9

glo 9 lighting options

glo 9 – offers any nine lights from the glo collection, which allows you to be more adventurous with your lighting effects.

In this beautiful garden, the clients wanted to create not only something their whole family could enjoy in the summer months, but also an attractive view from their sitting-room during the winter.

With advice from the glo lighting design team, the clients chose 5 x glo spike lights, 2 x glo directional path lights, 1 x glo directional uplighter &  1 x glo underwater light to create the garden they had always wanted at night.

glo 9 – Any 9 x lights from the glo system lights (subject to stated conditions), including the appropriate LED drivers and a two-channel wireless switching system. Installed the same day as delivery.

Complete Package Price:  £3,000.00
(including professional installation, delivery within the M25 & VAT)

glo 12

glo 12 lighting options

glo 12 – This option offer customers any 12 lights from the glo system lights, professionally installed by our own electricians and set for their best effect.

In this instance, the customer sent photographs of this special part of their garden through to the glo lighting designers and we were able to advise on which glo box would be best suited for their requirements.

To light this inviting part of the garden, the customers opted for 6 x glo spike lights, 3 x glo directional path lights, 2 x glo underwater mini spotlights and 1 x glo recessed uplighter.

glo 12 – Any 12 x lights from the glo system lights (subject to stated conditions), including the appropriate LED drivers and a two-channel wireless switching system. Installed the same day as delivery.

Complete Package Price:  £3,500.00
(including professional installation, delivery within the M25 & VAT)

Additional glo Lighting Options

glo plus

For most customers, the glo systems cover everything they will need in respect of garden lighting for the smaller garden. However, for those who have specific requirements or particular difficulties with the layout of their gardens, we can offer the following optional extras.

glo extension cables – If you would like to position your garden lights further apart, these low voltage extension cables are available, complete with waterproof plugs & sockets. Priced at £15 for 5 mtrs, £20 for 10 mtrs and £25 for 15 mtrs. (All prices include VAT).
Please Note: Longer cable runs can be made up on request but will be quoted separately.

glo festivity kits

For parties, entertaining or Christmas, you can simply unplug one of your glo system lights and plug in one of these festivity kits. Powered from the same glo box you already have installed, these optional lights can transform your garden for those special occasions. (NB: The glo festivity kits are subject to limited availability & supply.
Do not unplug any existing lighting or plug in a festivity kit while the glo lighting system is switched on).

glo fairy tree lights –  This 30 metre 300 LED string light is ideal for draping around an outdoor Christmas tree. Weatherproof and economical to run since it is LED, the glo fairy tree light is also available in blue, pink or purple with 8 different kinds of light effect modes that can be changed by a weatherproof controller.

glo fairy tree lights: £20.00 (including P&P and VAT).

8 glo green lanterns – Ideal for an outdoor party, this attractive set of low voltage replica lanterns come with a warm white, long lasting and economical LED light source. The total length of cable supplied with the set is 10 metres. The 8 lanterns are then positioned at 1m intervals offering a 7m long display of illuminated lanterns to be draped through a tree or hung from a pergola.

glo lantern kit: £50.00 (including P&P and VAT).

glo festoon lights for garden lighting

20 glo party festoon clear lightsThis party set comes with 20 normal size traditional lamps, but are manufactured from shock resistant materials with a non-replaceable LED light source. Supplied with a 12 metre cable, the lamps are spaced every 0.5 metre which offers approximately a 9.5 metre lighting effect. Perfect for creating an outdoor party atmosphere.

glo festoon kit: £75.00 (including P&P and VAT).

glo weatherproof exterior socket – The glo system requires an accessible, working, exterior weatherproof socket within easy reach of your flower beds. The mains cable from the glo box must not cross a path, passageway or terrace, for example. Please ask for advice on this subject, if you are unsure when ordering.

If there is no exterior power socket for your garden lighting, next to a flower bed, then the glo electrician can install one for you at the time of installing your garden lights at a fixed cost of £225.00 (inc VAT). Providing there is an interior socket to an outside wall, that faces directly onto
the garden or the flower-bed you would like to light.

The people & the installation

With a dedicated team led by Mike Shackleton, senior lighting designer with parent company ogl, your own garden lighting will be installed by the same skilled electricians who usually install our larger, more complex exterior lighting projects.

With that degree of experience and knowledge available on site, we are confident we will have your garden lights installed and fully operational within the same day of delivery to your premises.

For glo system installations outside the M25 area however, please phone for a separate delivery and installation quotation, since the travel time may affect the cost and schedule.

Since the glo system is a modular fixed-price system, not the bespoke installation of Ornamental Garden Lighting, the low voltage cables for the light fittings are not buried (normally they are left on the surface of the flower-bed and then covered by the client with mulch or bark chippings at a later stage) but the glo box will be fixed safely to a fence or wall, close to the exterior weatherproof socket.

Please Note: Installation must only be carried out by a competent person.

And finally, one of the great benefits to the glo box installation is that when you move, you can take your garden lighting with you.

Ordering our glo lighting.

All that is required to order your own glo box is to email your enquiry, including a small series of photos of your garden.

Ideally we would like to receive shots of the view down the garden from the house, from the end of the garden back to the house, the flower-beds left and right and then shots of any key elements (a feature tree, a statue, a special plant) you would like to light.

Given that information, one of our lighting designers will phone you to confirm your choice of how many garden lights would be appropriate to light your garden (or advise you accordingly), arrange a suitable installation date (normally 5-10 days from ordering), take payment… and that’s it.

Simple, easy… and life enhancing.