What We Do

ogl’s involvement normally begins once the garden has been designed and the landscape contractor is being selected. That way, the whole exterior construction team can work together right from the start in the planning and execution of the design.

Initially, one of our lighting designers will have a meeting with you (and your designer or architect, if you wish) to establish how you intend to use the new outdoor space you are creating. Are there specific entertaining areas? Children’s play areas? Quiet, meditative spaces? A water feature? Focal points within the garden? From this meeting, ogl will then create a lighting proposal to give you a good idea of what is possible and the sort of costs involved.

Then, once you’ve had time to consider this initial document, we would meet again to see if you would like to make any amendments to the proposal. After which, a second and final draft would be produced for your consideration.

Given approval, one of the first steps is the installation of SWA armoured mains cable throughout the garden or exterior space to ensure you have mains power exactly where you need it. This normally takes place while the landscape contractors are excavating, so the appropriate cables can be buried to the industry specified depths and channelled beneath paths, drives or patios.

One of our main priorities is to work closely with the landscapers and other contractors to ensure there are no delays in the overall schedule. In this way, our team of qualified electricians can be on site when appropriate to install any of the exterior electrical requirements.

External lighting with statement sculpture
External garden lighting specialist
Large-scale external lighting specialist

Almost as much of ogl’s work is in established gardens as it is in new designs. The important factor then is in installing discreet, effective lighting while preserving the integrity and beauty of the garden. This can be difficult but our teams fully appreciate the years of effort that have gone into creating a wonderful environment and our objective is to enhance visual appeal through discreet and subtle garden lighting.

Whatever the size of your project, large or small, ogl can help create beautiful outdoor spaces that will enhance your home or business. Whether working with you, your garden designer or your architect, our creative team offer lighting solutions to suit every budget and requirement.

From a complete garden lighting service, to providing power for water features, bore holes, swimming pools, rain-water storage tanks and irrigation systems, ogl specialises in all aspects of exterior lighting and power supply.