ogl offers 3 different levels of services:-

‘Design’…..‘Design & Supply’…..‘Design, Supply & Installation’

Design Service.

After initial discussions with the client, garden designer, architect or landscaper, one of ogl’s lighting designers will produce an initial Garden Lighting Proposal. This includes a lighting plan, details of the light fittings we would recommend for your particular installation and an estimate for the cost of the fittings detailed on the lighting plan. Once you have had a chance to consider that document, the ogl lighting designer would normally meet you again (together with your garden designer or architect, should you wish) to discuss any amendments you would like to make.

A revised proposal is then prepared, which includes a cable plan, and this is in effect the blueprint from which your allocated landscape contractor can work.

Exterior lighting designer Surrey

Design & Supply.

As described above with the addition that ogl will also supply all the selected light fittings, as per client specification. As a company, we have chosen not to ally ourselves to any one light fitting manufacturer. This is because we specifically select light fittings for the jobs they are designed to accomplish and no one manufacturer produces a whole range of lights that is exceptional in every area and suitable for every application. Our precise choice of fittings is based on our experience of installation, of testing the fittings in extremely adverse conditions and observing their longevity.

Please note, with this service option, none of the actual installation materials are priced or included.

Design, Supply & Installation.

The complete service from the very earliest planning stages to the final hand-over of the completed architectural or garden lighting installation. This option offers the client a stress-free service, where not only will ogl install all the architectural or garden lighting but will also liaise with the garden designer or project manager, the landscapers, swimming pool installers, bore hole drillers, irrigation companies, in fact anyone who requires an exterior mains supply around the estate or garden to ensure sufficient power is delivered safely and securely to where it is required.

We have also, on a number of occasions, worked closely with the major utility companies to increase the overall power supply to an estate or to drop incoming overhead power lines underground to enhance the aesthetic beauty of the landscape.

ogl’s ambition is to achieve success through exceeding every client’s expectation with the end result, coupled with high levels of customer service, flexibility and proactive, open communication. ogl does not advertise and the company’s reputation is built entirely on client recommendation.