Project Description

Remodelled Gardens in Cranleigh

When an attractive detached house in Cranleigh, Surrey, was chosen as a new home by clients, one of the first things they undertook was a complete re-design of the fairly standard gardens.

This involved not only creating an entertaining area for family and guests in the back garden, complete with a state-of-the-art outdoor kitchen but also a home office, including WiFi, computer outlets, television and bathroom facilities… all carefully designed and constructed to compliment the house.

Working closely with the clients, the garden designer and their construction team, Mike Shackleton and a top team of ogl  electricians created an  exterior garden lighting scheme to enhance the gardens, which could be subtly altered for different uses.

With a fully automatic system for the front garden and drive lights, the back garden was split into four different sets of exterior lights that could reflect the use and mood required, whether entertaining or simply enjoying the back garden as an attractive backdrop to interior dining.